Portfolio Options for Separately Managed Private Accounts

At South Atlantic Capital in Wilmington, NC, we have different portfolio options for you. Choose the one that suits your financial goals:

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South Atlantic "Core Equity" Accounts

These are fully discretionary accounts for people who want long-term capital appreciation, with some dividend income. We primarily invest portfolios in large-cap, value-oriented equities and intend to hold 20-25 positions.

South Atlantic Capital selects which stocks to invest in by carefully studying each company, while focusing less on economic and market forecasts. We will hold cash rather than invest in poor prospects.

We expect occasional economic weakness and incorporate this fact into our strategy by investing in companies which we believe can withstand such periods, but also capitalize on the high return opportunities that can arise during economic downturns.

South Atlantic "Balanced Fund" Accounts

These are fully discretionary accounts seeking regular income, capital appreciation, and capital preservation through regular use of fixed-income and equity investments. The equity portions of these accounts are typically invested in the same stocks as our Core Equity accounts.

The fixed-income portions of these accounts generally represent about one-third of the portfolio and are comprised of investment-grade bonds and U.S. Treasuries. If there are few companies that meet our strict criteria for the equity side of the portfolio, we’ll hold cash or short-term debt instruments for buying opportunities in the future.

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Fee Schedule

At South Atlantic Capital, we ask that you start with a minimum portfolio value of $250,000. The annual fee schedule, which is invoiced quarterly in arrears, is based on a percentage of assets under management. For equity-only accounts, the fees are as follows:

  • Less than $5,000,000............1.00%
  • Amounts over $5,000,000..........0.75% (negotiable)
For accounts that include fixed-income securities (i.e., Balanced accounts), the fees are slightly lower and will be determined based on the proportion of account assets strategically allocated (per your personal risk tolerance and goals) to bonds and cash equivalents.

For further clarifications, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you.